Sunday, June 19, 2016

Be Basic: Week 14 - Chapter 13

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Welcome to Authentic Living Ministries!

This week we are finishing up our last lesson in the "Be Basic" study by Warren Wiersbe.  Be sure to join us for our discussion, as it promises to bring closure to an amazing anointed study. 

Monday@8 pm or Wednesday@1 pm

Our next study is...

"Psalms from the Heart" 

Begins on Monday, June 27 at 8 pm and Wednesday, June 29 at 1 pm.

"For centuries the Psalms have been read and loved by people from many backgrounds and viewpoints, largely because, being poetry, they speak to the heart directly. They laugh, they sing, they weep, they rail, they cry out in pain, fright, derision, joy, and the sheer delight of life. Consequently, many read them solely to find an answering spirit to their own mood. But the Psalms are much more than poetry..." quoted from the Joyful Living study, "Psalms from the Heart"

Please join Authentic Living Ministries for this amazing 4 week Bible study featuring 3 of the Psalms...chapters 23, 34 and 139.

You can download "Psalms from the Heart" from the Joy of Living website, in either Word or PDF format.

Here is the schedule:

  • June 27 / June 29 - Discuss Week 1*
  • July 4 / July 6 - 4th of July Holiday, no group
  • July 11 / July 13 - Discuss Week 2
  • July 18 / July 20 - Discuss Week 3
  • July 25 / July 27 - Discuss Week 4

*in order to fully discuss Week 1, please download and begin the study THIS week.

Blessings! - Kathy

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Be Basic: Week 13 - Chapter 12

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This week on Authentic Living Ministries we will be studying Chapter Twelve in the Be Basic study by Warren Wiersbe.  Join us as we learn that God is as work in our lives as we study Genesis 11.

Monday @ 8 pm | Wednesday @ 1 pm

In last week's email I announced our next Bible study, but the details have changed. Our next Small Group Semester begins in September, which means that we will need to have a shorter study.  Here are the details...

Our next study BEGINS on Monday, June 27 at 8 pm or Wednesday, June 29 at 1 pm.

This 4 week study is called "Psalms of the Heart" and covers three of the Psalms; Chapters 23, 34 and 139.  Please visit the Study Schedule Tab for directions on how to download it.

Many blessings!


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Be Basic: Week 12 - Chapter 11

Welcome back!  

I trust that your holiday week was blessed, and that you are ready to dive into the final 3 weeks of our current study, "Be Basic by Warren Wiersbe"!

This week we will be studying Chapter Eleven..."The Rest of the Story". This week's scripture is Genesis 9:18-10:32.


Our next study will be "Go and Tell" by The Salvation Army Women's Ministry and begins on June 27 & June 29.

In 1 Chronicles 16:23 it says, ‘Sing to the Lord, all the earth: proclaim his salvation day after day’. This invitation to ‘proclaim’ our wonderful God is repeated throughout Scripture. When we know something really good we are compelled to tell others about it. It is hoped that through this Bible study series we will be inspired to Go and Tell! others about our personal Savior.

Join us as we take a look at Ephesians in this FREE Bible study!

I will be posting a link to where you can download this study next week, but in the mean time, please prayerfully consider inviting any of your friends who might enjoy a weekly, online Bible study with a great group of women.