1. Extend some grace.  Realize that while we all have the common thread of a relationship with Jesus, not every belief will be identical to yours.  We all have different backgrounds and upbringings so we will all have differing opinions and point of views. 
  2. Be nice.  Please refrain from inappropriate language, personal attacks, or arguments.  Remember, it is easy for messages to be misinterpretated since there are no physical gestures or voice inflections to accompany the post. Reviewing your post before you push enter is a good habit to get into.
  3. DON’T YELL.  Please refrain from using all caps when posting.  It is considered yelling online and can be hard to follow.
  4. No marketing.  All advertising or solicitation will be removed.  Continued marketing will be cause for removal from Small Group.
  5. Please respect the privacy of the ladies in Small Group.  Do not repost anything that is personal to you or to others, without their express permission.  Small Group is meant to be close-knit and open, a place where we can share our lives with one another without fear of being embarrassed. 
  6. Be careful what you say.  Don’t share your personal details; such as home address, phone numbers, etc..
  7. Respect the copyright of the authors that we are studying. 
  8. Authentic Living Ministries reserves the right to moderate, and remove all posts that do not follow these guidelines.