What is an online Small Group?
  • It is simply a Bible Study that meets online once a week for fellowship and ministry.  Our goal is to reach women who would otherwise be unable to attend a Bible Study due to physical limitations or the inability to attend a physical location.

How does it work?
  • We meet once a week, for an hour, via SocialCross.org using a ‘closed group’ format.  This is a private SocialCross group and only the members of the group can see what’s posted. For full information please CLICK HERE

What church/religion are you affiliated with?
  • We are nondenominational, and all Christian women are welcome to attend.

Participation Guidelines
  • You must actually participate in the Small Group meetings. 
    • Participation is more than just popping in and saying hello once, or liking the post, it is actively engaging in the entire conversation.
  • While it seems like 'no big deal' to read through the comments during the week, if you've never actually participated in the group it is considered to be 'eavesdropping'.
  • Small Group is meant to be close-knit and open, a place where we can share our lives with one another without fear of being embarrassed.  If we are only reading the comments, not participating, then we are effectively 'invading the privacy' of the Group.
  • If you do not attend a meeting within 4 consecutive weeks you will be removed from the Group. 
    • Of course, emergencies are expected. Please let me know how I can pray for you!

When is the next study?
  • We will be posting the schedule as a blog update, which will be emailed to those who have signed up. 

How do I get updates?
  • You will need to sign up via email to receive blog updates.  Look at the top, right side of the blog.  There is a box where you can enter your email.  It’s simple, easy and quick to do!
  • We protect your email address, and do not sell or spam it with random information.
    • Note:  There is an option to 'Join this site'.  You do not need to do this to get the updates.  

Why am I not getting any blog updates?
  • If you’ve registered with your email address you must activate it in order to be subscribed to email updates.  Check your email for the link that was sent to you by ‘feedburner’, if its not there check your spam/junk folder.  You must click on the link in the email to verify that your email is real, and then you will begin receiving updates when they are posted. 

Where do I get the books/studies?
  • Books can be found through a variety of means.  You can buy them online or in the store, it just depends on your personal preference.  We will be posting the names of the books/studies and where you can find them along with the schedule.

Do you provide books, or help with the cost?
  • No.  You are responsible for your own book/workbook.   At times we will be using free studies available on the internet, in that case I will provide a link to where you can get your book, otherwise you will need to purchase your book.
  • There are ways that you can trim your budget to cover the cost of the book.  Most books will be from $10-$15.00, so that would be the cost of 3 drinks at your local coffee shop, or the price of one fast food meal. 

What Bible do you use for online study?
  • It depends on the study and the author’s preference, which can be found at the front of the book.  However, since we are nondenominational , you can use any translation that suits you.   If you would like to use the same translation as the author you can go to Bible Gateway.com and look it up.

Personal safety and spamming
  • For your personal safety we advise that you do not give out your address, phone number or other personal information.  Because we are online there will most likely be women from all over the world who attend, and while we make every effort to keep out spammers, they do get through.  
  • We do not allow anyone to sell products or advertise services.  If someone posts, or sends you a private message in regards to this issue, please alert me as soon as possible and I will take care of it.
  • Be wary of women you don’t know asking to be your friend on Facebook.  The group format allows us to be a part of the group, but not be friends.  Before accepting their friendship make sure you visit their profile page to make sure they are not simply trying to gain your friendship to sell a product.

Do you offer Counseling?
  • No.  We do not offer any type of counseling.  If you need to talk to someone, we urge you first to turn to your local church.  If you feel the need for deeper conversation, please go to this link  http://www.aacc.net/ to find a location in your area.