About Us...

Welcome to Authentic Living Ministries, an online Small Group offering Bible studies for women of all denominations.  Our goal is to bring Christian women together in fellowship and study of the scriptures, so that we may not only find out who we are in Christ, but that we might lead others to the same discovery.

What is Authentic Living Ministries?

Women today wear many hats, and it seems like we just don't have enough time during the day. Often just getting to a Small Group can be a challenge.

Authentic Living Ministries was created to fill that gap, to be a place where women can meet with other women to study the scriptures and to develop deeper relationships.  We chose the online format so that women who struggle with the ability to attend a physical location can still be blessed by attending a Small Group.

Why Authentic?

Because often in today’s world we find that our life is defined by not who we were created to be, but by what the world tells us we are.  We are told to find our identity in our jobs, our ministry, our functions in life or the roles that we’ve assumed rather than who we are at the very core of our being.

Living authentic means that we accept who we are, we embrace not only the good in us but we also accept our faults, so that we can live our lives openly and honestly before God and those around us, being willing to bring all that we are before God, so that He can begin to change us into who He created us to be.

Living authentically is a day-to-day practice, and we here at Authentic Living Ministries would like to walk beside you, helping you learn how to seek God and His will for your life, so that you can be the woman you were created to be.