Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19 Update - Small Group Tonight

Good morning and welcome to your Authentic Living Ministries update!

As you know, we are studying the Stepping Stones study found here:

Last week we discussed our relationship with Jesus, whether it was healthy or needed some maintenance. We also had a rousing discussion on different ways that we can strengthen our relationship with Jesus.

This week, we will be discussing “Week 2: The Seven Keys to Integrity” tonight and you should be starting to read “Week 3: Wisdom for Today ” sometime today.

Here are some important announcements -

  • I wanted to give you all advance notice that next week, May 26, we will NOT be having Small Group due to Memorial Day.  So please enjoy the day with your family!  We will be back on schedule the following week, June 2.
  • I've created our Facebook page.  From now on, we can conduct all of our chatting there, so when you click on the 'Wanna Chat' tab, please don't be alarmed when it takes you to Facebook.
  • I've changed the 'Past Studies' tab to our 'Study Schedule' tab, which will list our entire schedule for the year!  It also inlcudes the link to where we can download our studies.

If you are reading this on the Blog, you are more than welcome to drop in at any time! Please go here for instructions on how to Join Small Group


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