Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16 Update - New Study Begins Tonight

Welcome to Small Group!

Joseph, an ordinary man used mightily by God.  From his humble beginnings as the favored son to his rise to power and position in the courts of a king, his life was one that spoke of grace.

You are invited to join Authentic Living Ministries as we delve deeper into this man's life and learn how we can have that same grace in our own lives.

joseph: Grace in Living Color  - download the study at

When:  Mondays - June 16 to July 14
Time:  8:00 pm  (AZ time) - lasts for an hour
Where:  Facebook - Go to "Join Small Group" for instructions

For those of you who are new, here are a few helpful tips before tonight's Small Group:
  1. On the night of Small Group, log-in to Facebook and go to the Authentic Living Small Group page.  I will post a picture for the night, and underneath that picture is where our Small Group will meet for the night.  We will open with prayer, and then I will be posting a series of questions.  All answers should be posted in the comments under the picture.  We will close with prayer.
  2. All answers should be prefaced with Q1, Q2, etc…so that we know which question is being answered.
  3. The pace of the Group moves fast.  Refreshing will be needed at times to stay current with comments. The easiest way is to hit F5 on your keyboard.  Otherwise use the refresh at the top of your browser. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all tonight as Small Group!



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