Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30 Update - Small Group Tonight

Welcome to Summer!

Here in Arizona we are experiencing the first wave of scorcher days, but even in the midst of the heat there are opportunities to witness the glory of God's creation!  Every morning as I walk to my car there are hummingbirds flitting about in one of the tree's I walk under, the flowers are blooming and to top it off it is the beginning of cherry season!

God is awesome, isn't He?!!!

As you know we continuing with our current study, 'joseph: Grace in Living Color' tonight at 8 PM (AZ time).   We will be discussing Week 2, please start reading Week 3 sometime today.

Whether you are new to the group, or an old pro, please look for the picture and join us in the comments for tonight's study!

If you need to get the study, you can download it here:  Joseph: Grace in Living Color

See you tonight!



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