Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16 - Small Group News!

Hello there!

Monday's are the best night of the week because I get to spend it with such a fabulous group of ladies like you! So far we've had some great discussions, and tonight's promises to follow the same route!  

Join me tonight at 8 PM as we discuss...

Capable of both strong and enduring love, she was a faithful mother and wife.  Manipulated by her father, she became jealous of her sister, with whom, it seems, she never reconciled.  
Her story can be found in Genesis 29-35

We will be discussing the following questions:
  1. Leah is an unparalleled example of God's willingness to give "beauty" for "ashes" (see Isaiah 6;1-3). How has God worked this way in your life? How has he worked this way in the lives of your friends or relatives?
  2. In Genesis 29:32-34, Leah expresses her desire for Jacob's affection, an affection she knew she didn't have. In your own words, describe how Leah probably felt and acted toward Jacob.  What do you think Jacob's reaction was?
  3. Have you ever felt unloved by your husband, your parents, or someone else?  How did you feel and act?  What is your only possible source of comfort when you desperately want a love you don't have?
  4. Leah had full life with many sons and wealth. However, she is best known for what she didn't have: the love of her husband. God noticed what she did have but also what she lacked.  What one thing do you want to learn from Leah and from her God?


The Vineyard's Small Group Fair is right around the corner and I'm looking for volunteers to help 'man' the booth.  You can volunteer for either Saturday or Sunday; before and after services.  The dates of the fair are March 7 & 8.  

What will you be doing?  Greeting people and advertising our Online Small Group!  Once I've got my volunteers I will go over what needs to be done!  Please let me know if you are available no later than March 2.  

Thanks so much!  ~ Kathy

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