Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2 - Small Group News

Happy February Ladies!

Please join us on Monday, February 2 at 8 PM as we discuss...

Rebekah...Hard working and generous, her faith was so great that she left her home forever to marry a man she had never seen or met.  Yet she played favorites with her sons and failed to trust God fully for the promise He had made.

Her story can be found in Genesis 24-26

We will be discussing the following questions:

  1. In Genesis 24:58 we see that just 3 words changed Rebekah's life forever.  How would you react if God called you away from home and family?  What would have to happen to make you obey?
  2. Verse 28 expresses one of the saddest thoughts about parenting found in the Bible.  Describe how you think their parents' favoritism affected Jacob and Esau and their relationship?
  3. Why do you think Rebekah resorted to trickery to gain the promise given to her when she was pregnant?  In what ways are you similar?  Different? 
  4. Do you think that Rebekah regretted her decision?  Have you ever regretted a decision?  How did you deal with it?


Don't forget, for those of us in the Glendale, AZ area, the Vineyards' annual Women's Conference is coming on February 6-7.  You can sign up online, here:  Restoring Eve: God's Purpose for Women

See you tonight at 8!


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