Sunday, February 21, 2016

Session 6 of 50 Days of Transformation

Happy Monday Ladies!

Welcome to Session 6 of our Transformation study!  This week we will be discussing how to 'Transform Our Financial Health'.

The video has been posted on our group page...the notes for the video begin on page 158 of the study book, the Discovery Questions begin on page 161, and the daily devotionals begin on page 164.

Join us on Monday at 8 pm or Wednesday at 1 pm as we discuss our Financial Health!

As you know, we only have two more weeks of our Transformation Study!  Wow, it doesn't seem possible, does it???  However, we have a few exciting things coming up in the next few weeks.

The Vineyard's Small Group Fair is on the weekend of March 12 & 13.  This is an exciting time for us as we open up the group for new members, and it also means that we will be having a table!  If you would like to volunteer to help out at the table, please let me know and I will send you the details.  This semester we are officially two groups in one, Monday's and Wednesday's.

Looking ahead, we are going to be beginning our next study on March 14 & March 17.  Please make plans to attend!  Here's the info:

Be Basic (Genesis 1-11): Believing the Simple Truth of God's Word by Warren W. Wiersbe.

Due to copyright the book will only be available for purchase.  There will be no free copies.  Make sure to purchase your books by Monday, March 14 or Wednesday, March 17 so that we can all start together.  You can find it at the following locations:

Buy it from Amazon  - in Kindle and Paperback
Buy it from Christianbooks - in eBook, Kindle and Paperback
Buy it from LifeWay - in eBook

In closing I just want to tell you all how much I have enjoyed getting to know you over the last few weeks and months, and I hope that you will be continuing on with Authentic Living Ministries Online Small Group in the months ahead!

Be blessed!


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