Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27 - Small Group News!

Welcome to another beautiful Monday!

Before we get into tonight's study I wanted to mention, once again, a few upcoming events at the Vineyard.

Please check out the above links if you're interested, otherwise, let's continue with tonight's Small Group News!

We meet tonight at 8 PM.

Ruth was generous, loyal and loving,she was strong and serene, able to take unusual risks, dealing with the consequences.  Her story can be found in Ruth 2-4; Matthew 1:5

The questions we will be discussing tonight are:
  1. What is Ruth known for? What reputation goes with her to the field?
  2. When Boaz was sleeping at the threshing floor instead of at home, was Ruth's behavior immoral? What was she asking by her behavior?
  3. Through Boaz, God honored Ruth's faithfulness to Naomi and to Himself. If you have been faithful through difficult circumstances, how has God shown his faithfulness to you?
  4. Naomi's restored joy is described, but nothing is said of Ruth's. In your own words, describe what sort of joy Ruth must have been experiencing.

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