Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6 - Small Group News!

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend, full of fun and family!

Tonight's Bible study will focus on the life of a woman whose name is synonymous with wickedness. 

Jezebel was a religious woman, spreading idolatry throughout Israel. Powerful, cunning and arrogant, she actively opposed God, even in the face of indisputable proofs of His sovereignty.
Her story can be found in 1 Kings 16:29-33; 18:1-19; 21:1-25; 2 Kings 9

Tonight's questions are...
  1. Compare Jezebel's (19:2) and the Israelites' (18:39) reactions to the Mount Carmel duel? What do you think made Jezebel so dedicated to Baal?
  2. How dedicated are you to the Lord? What might cause you to rethink that dedication?
  3. How do you feel about the fact that Jezebel got what she deserved? In general, do you like to see people get what they deserve? Why or why not?
  4. Take a moment to imagine yourself as strong and evil as Jezebel. Then imagine yourself as strong as Jezebel but good. What would you do if you were that strong, but good?

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