Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nov 16th Small Group News!

Well, hello there! I am so very glad to know that we will be spending another Monday together! We meet Monday, November 16th at 8 pm.

Before I post the Monday night update, I wanted to take a moment to ask that we all spend some time in prayer for the families and nations that were attacked this last week.  Both Paris and Lebanon have been dealt a horrible tragedy with the recent terrorist attacks, many lives were lost, and so many more were altered in the face of such despicable actions.
Thank you for your prayers!

Tonight's lady we will be discussing is Mary of Bethany.

Mary appears to have been a single woman, totally devoted to Jesus. The gospel portrays her, by way of contrast with her sister, Martha, as a woman of few words. As Jesus neared the time of his triumphal entry into Jerusalem prior to Passover, she performed a gesture of great prophetic significance, one that offended Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus.

Her story can be found in: Matthew 26:6-13  |  Mark 14:3-9  |  Luke 10:38-42  |  John 11:1-12:11

Our questions for the night are...
  1. Do you hear verse 32 as an accusation, a statement of fact, or what? Why? (John 11:32)
  2. Put yourself in Mary’s place. Your brother, who lives with you and supports you, has died. Then Jesus raises him. How do you react?
  3. Why do you think Mary made such an extravagant gesture, using perfume worth a year’s wages?
  4. Could Mary or anybody else at this dinner have predicted that Jesus might be arrested in less than a week? What makes you say that?
  5. How can you express your love for Jesus? Where does money fit in, if at all?

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