Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nov 2nd Small Group News!

I'm so happy to announce another night of wonderful Bible Study with an awesome group of Ladies! 

I can hardly believe it's already November!  This month is all about thankfulness, and as we take a few moments to ponder what we are truly thankful for, I would like to say that I am so thankful that Christmas is only 7 Fridays away!  ;)

Join Authentic Living Ministries tomorrow night, Monday, Nov 2nd, at 8 pm as we discuss the Syrophoenician Woman.

Though a Gentile, she addressed Jesus as "Lord, Son of David." Her great faith resulted in her daughter's deliverance.  Her story can be found in Matthew 15:21-28 and Mark 7:24-30

Our questions for the night are...

  1. This woman was not an Israelite. What might have been her response to Jesus' statement that he had come "only to the lost sheep of Israel"? Why do you think she didn't give up?
  2. How persistent are you in prayer?  Do you give up easily? Or do you keep praying until you get a definite answer? 
  3. What was meant by the "crumbs" in verse 27? What was this woman saying?
  4. When have you asked for little and received much? Were you surprised? How often do we settle for the "crumbs" when Jesus really wants to give us the whole loaf?

Food for Thought:

When a needy person approaches you, do you respond like Jesus or like his disciples? How do you respond if the person is emotionally needy-continually sticking close to you, interrupting your conversations with others, asking questions you can't answer, and generally wanting more than you wish to give?

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