Sunday, January 10, 2016

Introduction: 50 Days of Transformation Study

Welcome to Online Small Group!

This week we start our study with an "Introduction to 50 Days of Transformation". If you haven't had the chance you will need to watch this week's video (it's been posted on our Facebook Group page) before our meetings, as we will be discussing what we learned in the video.

Please do not start your book's devotionals until next week, as that is the week we start using the book.

Just a few things to note about this study:
  • Each session includes a video, which I will post on Sunday mornings, which will need to be viewed before you attend the weekly meeting.
  • Do not download the app that Rick Warren asks you to download. It's an app for his church, so it does not apply to us.
  • Rick also asks us to take a group picture. We will not be doing so, so please don't send a picture to him.  
  • The study begins on Monday, January 11 at 8 pm and Wednesday, January 13 at 1 pm.

I would like to welcome all our new members to the group!  We are so happy to have you join with us.  To help you, let me post a bit of information you might find useful before your first meeting. This info can be found on our Join Small Group page .

What time does the Group meet?
  • We meet every Monday night at 8:00 PM & Wednesdays at 1:00 PM
  • Since I live in Arizona we do not observe Daylight Savings Time. Please adjust your time according to the state you live in. For your convenience, here is a handy Time Zone Converter
  • Small Group lasts for an hour.
How do I participate in Small Group?
  • On the night of the Small Group, login into Facebook and go to the Authentic Living Small Group page. I will post a picture for the night, and underneath that picture, in the comments, is where our Small Group will meet for the night. We will open with prayer, and then I will be posting a series of questions. All answers should be posted in the comments under the picture as well. We will close with prayer.
  • All answers should be prefaced with Q1, Q2, etc…so that we know which question is being answered.
What if I can't type as fast as other people?
  • Please don't worry, our group is relaxed and easy going.  Post your answers and comments when you get them done, it doesn't matter if you're 'slow' or 'fast', we want to hear from you!

I think that just about covers it!  I am so excited as we begin this journey together!



If you’re reading this on the Blog and not in your email box, and would like to join Small Group, follow these instructions…
  • REGISTER your email to get Small Group updates!  Look to the top right of the Blog, put your email in, and don’t forget to ‘activate’ your registration through the link that will be emailed to you by Feedburner.
  • JOIN SMALL GROUP by going to the Join Small Group tab and follow the instructions found there.

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