Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12 - Small Group News

Welcome back to Authentic Living Ministries! 

Last week we discussed the life of Eve and how her life mirrors our own.  It was a fascinating study, full of insight and I know that personally it touched me.  If you missed it, no worries, because tonight we are going to be looking into the life of...

SARAH - Beautiful enough to attract rulers in the ancient world, she could be strong-willed, and jealous.  Yet Sarah was considered a loyal wife who did what was right and who didn't give in to fear.

Join us tonight at 8 PM as we discuss the following questions:
  1. Put yourself in Sarah's position.  Do you think you might have laughed also?  Why or why not?
  2. God fulfilled His promise to Abraham and Sarah in his time. Have you ever waited for God to fulfill a promise?  How did you feel?  What did you do?
  3. God used Sarah in spite of her feelings, her impatience.  How can God use you in spite of your imperfections?

I am so looking forward to seeing you tonight!  



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