Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19 - Small Group News

Good Morning Ladies!

Welcome to another beautiful Monday!

Tonight we will be discussing...

HAGAR...A foreigner and a slave, she let pride overtake her when she became Abraham's wife.  A lonely woman with few resources, she suffered harsh punishment for her mistake. She obeyed God's voice as soon as she heard it and was given a promise that her son would become the father of a great nation.

Join us tonight at 8 PM as we discuss the following questions:
  1. Sarah's proposition was a customary one of that day.  Hagar had little say, but she must have had some reaction to the proposition.  What reaction do you have when you find yourself in a situation over which you have no control?  How can God help you when you are in such a position?
  2. The area to which Hagar (while pregnant) ran away was probably barren and sparsely populated.  Describe how desperate she must have felt to run away from a difficult but safe situation to the 'desert'.  Have you ever been that desperate?  What were the circumstances?
  3. Even though Hagar and Ishmael were outcasts and alone, God lovingly cared for them.  How do you think Hagar felt when she laid Ishmael down and went away because she "could not watch the boy die"?  How did God meet her needs?  In what ways has God met your needs when you were despairing and alone?

I can hardly wait until tonight to discuss what we learned in our study last week!


Next week, January 26, we will be studying the life of Lot's Wife.  I promise not to make it too 'salty'.  (go ahead, roll your eyes!) Please make plans to join us!

February 6-7 is the Vineyard's annual Women's Conference.  If you're in the Glendale AZ area please make plans to attend!  Let me know if you are and we can meet up and attend together!  For more info, please go here:

I'd like to take a moment to welcome all of our new Group members!  We are so very pleased to have you join us!  And I'd like to give you all of our returning ladies a hearty virtual >hug<.

See you tonight!

Blessings, Kathy

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