Monday, June 15, 2015

Small Group Online on June 15

Hello Ladies!

It's summer time and that means long days of family fun and relaxation!  Some of us will be taking vacations with the kids, some may choose to just hang out at home, and yet for others it's simply business as usual.  Wherever you find yourself this summer I am happy to announce that Authentic Living Ministries will continue to be open for your enjoyment and study of the scripture.

Join us tonight at 8 PM as we continue our Women of the Bible study series with "The Wise Woman of Abel Beth Maacah".

Her name was never recorded, yet she saved her entire town.  Rather than passively wait for someone else to save her city, she had the wisdom and courage to act quickly and decisively.
Her story can be found in 2 Samuel 20:14-22

Our questions for tonight are...
  1. Why do you suppose a “wise woman,” rather than one of the leading men of the city, called out to Joab? What does this say about her? 
  2. What do Joab’s terse words in verse 17 tell you about his reaction to this woman? 
  3. What do you think about what the town of Abel did to Sheba? Was the bargain they struck with Joab a good one? Why or why not? 
  4. The facts of this story are brutal and disturbing, but the facts of life for many today are just as brutal. War, abuse, poverty, illness, or death can besiege families or towns. How can you be a wise woman in your corner of the world?

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