Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2 - Small Group News!

Welcome to another beautiful Monday!   It's hard to believe, but March is already upon us!

The Vineyard's Small Group Fair is right around the corner and I'm looking for volunteers to help 'man' the booth.  You can volunteer for either Saturday or Sunday; before and after services.  The dates of the fair are March 7 & 8.  Please let me know this week!  As of yet, I've got no volunteers, so please consider it!  Thanks so much!

Tonight's Small Group will be meeting at the usual time, 8 PM, and we will be discussing Potiphar's Wife.

The wife of a prosperous and influential Egyptian, she was unfaithful and vindictive, ready to lie in order to protect herself and ruin an innocent man.  (Her story can be found in Genesis 39)
Our questions for the night are as follows:
  1. What character trait was Potiphar’s wife lacking? Why do you think she was attracted to Joseph, beyond the fact that he was “well-built and handsome”?
  2. Where do you suppose Joseph got his knowledge of right and wrong and his ability to reject sin (39:9)? What do you think Joseph’s life might have been like if he’d given in to Potiphar’s wife?
  3. Why do you think Joseph avoided contact with Potiphar’s wife (39:10)? Contrast how these two characters responded to temptation. If temptation of a certain kind keeps coming into your life, how do you respond?

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