Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30 - Small Group News!

Welcome to Small Group!

Tonight we are wrapping up the month of March with the story of Deborah, who stepped into a leadership role in Israel during a time of great conflict.  Join us at 8 PM tonight as we discover how her life can touch ours.

Her vision of the world was shaped not by the political situation of her day but by her relationship with God. Though women in the ancient world did not usually become political leaders, Deborah was just the leader Israel needed -- a prophetess who heard God and believed him, whose courage aroused the people, enabling them to throw off foreign oppression. 

Her story can be found in Judges 4-5

Tonight's questions are:
  1. What was Barak afraid of? Why would having Deborah along alleviate those fears? (Judges 4:8)
  2. In Judges 4:9, Deborah talks about honor going to a woman instead of to the men. How do you think the Israelite men felt about this? When a woman succeeds today, how do the men around her typically respond? Why?
  3. In Judges 5:7 Deborah describes herself as a "mother of Israel", not "leader" or "prophetess". Why does she call herself this? What does this tell you about Deborah?  What lesson for your own life can you gain from this verse?

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