Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31 - Small Group News!

Happy Monday Ladies!

Tonight's guest is The Shulammite Woman. Her story can be found in Song of Songs 1-8.

Hers is the only female voice that speaks directly and extensively to us in Scripture. Ruth’s, Esther’s,
Hannah’s, and Mary’s voices, for instance, are all mediated through narration. The Shulammite woman boldly declares her longing and desire to be united to her lover in marriage.

We will be discussing the following questions:
  1. When you think about your own marriage or singleness in light of this passage, what thoughts and feelings arise in you? (Song of Songs 4:9 – 5:1)
  2. Imagine God having such passion for you. How do you respond? 
  3. How do these verses express the commitment between the lover and the beloved? What does it take to sustain such a commitment? (Song of Songs 8:6 – 7)
  4. Throughout history, intimate love relationships have been shamefully distorted and profaned. Song of Songs gives God’s vision of what love relationships were meant to be. What can you do to pursue such a relationship with God?

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